Benny’s Cove (Ocean Extreme Training Site)

Benny’s Cove (Ocean Extreme Training Site)

Training site that Ocean Extreme uses for students

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This cove is the primary dive site for Ocean Extreme Dive & Travel Center’s PADI courses every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday during the summer. It features two sunken boats: one ~20ft cabin cruiser at approximately 20-30ft and one ~12ft flatbottom at approximately 15-20ft. The flatbottom has been converted to a “pirate ship” with a cannon mounted to the bow and various other decorations. There are also three to four fish habitats made of shipping pallets throughout the site. These underwater features are all sitting directly off of the main finger directly in front of the entrance to the cove.

Ocean Extreme kindly asks that any divers using this site please be courteous of the classes going on during the weekends and Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Otherwise, Ocean Extreme ecourages all divers to safely enjoy the neat underwater features! The kids from the Camp Ozark dive program just ask that divers please not shoot all of the pretty fish!????